Spot on!

Ayo Sogunro

There are two things you need to note: first, the title above is not panic propaganda. Of course, it sounds like one, talks like one and smells like one, yet it’s no propaganda, it’s a fact. But even if you disagree with this premise, then let’s call it propaganda, but it is one that has become necessary and urgent at this point.

Second, I’m quite serious about the intent stated in the title: Nigeria is out to kill you. The country is going to hell in a hand basket. This is not a drill. And we have arrived at this point simply because you don’t care. If you understand this statement, then you need not read any further.

Are you are still wondering how we got to this point? There are many articles with superb analysis of the current crisis. These have listed all the factors responsible: from an…

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Do You Still Feel Safe?!

I Am XAri, Therefore I Think...

Morning to you there reading this. You’d notice my greeting didnt come with the usual opening cliche ‘good’ as is almost always the case. This is because it really isn’t a good morning for any Nigerian with a conscience…not when you wake up to bad news like this! Yet again another bomb has gone off in nearly the same location (Nyanya, Abuja, Nigeria) as the first, commanding lives to their untimely end in such a cruel way. Recall that this happened on the first day of the month of May, a public holiday and just a few hours shy of midnight. So people who started the day and survived it till about 6pm will have hoped to see the end of 01/05/2014, but no! Their lives had to be truncated before the close of day!

I would ask somebody what their sins were. I would ask how they came to…

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